Some stuff about some people

A couple of guys were sitting around one day discussing their various hobbies and projects when it occurred to them that they had some very diverse interests. In trying to figure out how to merge the ideas of gaming and cars, UncannyDodge was born. A play on words, UncannyDodge was drawn from two primary sources: a game mechanic in D&D and from the fact that our first project car was a Dodge. From there, the group expanded as did our scope of interests. UD now covers multiple car projects, events, autocross racing, LAN gaming parties, RPG resources, reviews, and a web comic. Who knows what we'll come up with next?

So far, our projects have included turbocharging a Dodge Daytona, outfitting a Jeep Cherokee for road tripping and winter duty, fixing a neglected TJ, upgrading a Toyota Tercel (because reasons), and doing various upgrades and maintenance tasks on our daily drivers. There has even been a race car in the mix. It's been quite a ride so far.

- The Staff -

Name: Brian "EvilCow" Rowland
Occupation: Software Developer
Car history: '87 Dodge Daytona Pacifica, '87 Chrysler LeBaron Turbo, '86 LeBaron K, '94 LeBaron LX Convertible, '90 Dodge Daytona Shelby*, '89 Dodge Daytona ES*, '89 Dodge Daytona Shelby*, '86 Dodge Daytona Turbo Z, '89 Dodge Spirit ES, '96 Jeep Cherokee Country*
Favorite game: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (SNES)
Notes: Team lead, Site admin, Mopar officionado, Daytona junkie and general boostaholic. He really needs a 10-step program or something.

Name: John "Natural 20" Perry
Occupation: Automotive Testing Specialist
Car history: '85 Plymouth Horizon, '87 Pontiac Peresienne, '91 Chevrolet Lumina, '92 Chrysler LeBaron GT Convertible, '89 Dodge Daytona ES*, '91 Ford Ranger XLT, '97 VW Jetta, '94 Toyota Tercel, '96 Jeep Cherokee Country*, '97 Jeep Wrangler Sahara
Favorite game: Final Fantasy VI (SNES)
Notes: Other team lead, Designated project supervisor (aka eats donuts and tells people what to do), unnaturally good at all games when intoxicated.

Name: Ralph "Meh" Waggoner
Occupation: Utility Locator
Car history: '86.5 Nissan Hardbody pickup, '98 Nissan Frontier, '78 Datsun 280Z, '82 VW Scirocco*, '08 VW GTI, '14 VW Golf TSI
Favorite game: Cronotrigger (SNES)
Notes: Team driver and sometimes wrench-turner. Like, the guy drives a lot. A LOT.

Name: Danielle "Token" Moss
Occupation: Web Developer
Car history: '90 Subaru Legacy wagon, '94 Honda Accord LX
Favorite game: Any Action/Adventure/RPG
Notes: Artist, Game enthusiast, Historian, and John's wife (it's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it).

* - indicates the vehicle is a project with information on this site

- The Crew -

Andy "Fezman" Craig
Charles "RedMage" Craig
Chris "Wookie" Hathcock
Mark "Ooo Shiny" O'Connor
"Lord" Aaron Whitworth

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